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Publishers Weekly review on Benjamin Dove November 19, 2007

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Benjamin Dove
Fridrik Erlings. North-South, $15.95 (224p) ISBN 978-0-7358-2150-7; $7.95 paper ISBN 978-0-7358-2149-1

First published in Iceland in 1995, this elegiac coming-of-age novel explores the moral ambiguities that arise out of attempts to right an injustice. Twelve-year-old Benjamin and his two best friends, Jeff and Manny, play in “the Ground”—the playground in their shabby neighborhood—guarded against bullies by the watchful Grandma Dell, who lives next to it.When a new kid, Roland, moves in, he impresses the boys with the Scottish knights in his ancestry and by his passion for heroic deeds. But Roland’s effort to stand up to Howie, a bully with a “pitch black” soul, ends with Howie setting fire to Roland’s clothes and Grandma Dell calling in the police. Events rapidly escalate, and before long there are two groups of “knights” in the neighborhood: the Order of the Red Dragon, led by Roland, and the Order of the Black Feather, made up of violent boys plus Jeff, who has been drummed out of Roland’s crew. While the good accomplished by the Red Dragon is good indeed, it does not assuage the characters’ grief or guilt for the tragedy that ensues. The story unfolds lyrically and retrospectively in Benjamin’s voice, occasionally shifting into other characters’ perspectives. With its redemptive ending, this moving novel reaches across place and time to evoke the complexities of friendship, retribution and the loss of innocence. Ages 10-14. (Sept.)


A review on Newsademic.com December 5, 2006

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“Mr. Erlings certainly knows how to make the reader think. Benjamin Dove is a sensitive and quite unusual book.”
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Benjamin Dove published in Britain in September. August 2, 2006

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benjamin_dove_2.jpgBenjamin Dove was first published in Iceland in 1992 and is now published by Meadowside Children’s Books in London.


International Board on Books for Young People Award
The Icelandic Children’s Book Award
Reykjav’k City Children’s Book Award
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Benjamin dove – a novel by Friðrik Erlings April 29, 2006

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This page is in the making, and is meant to give information about the novel Benjamin dove, and it's author Friðrik Erlings.